04 April 2010

Competence at sports associations

If you meet a Nepali sports official, a standard line you will most likely hear from them is how no one with a shred of competence is willing to work in the sports sector. Thus as a great sacrifice to sport and country they must continue to serve as the guardians of their sport to protect it from leaches and infidels.

Sukuti! (Guess that would be the equivalent to ‘Bologna’ in Nepali)

Nepal has plenty of passionate and talented people who would be more than enthusiastic to help uplift sports in the country. If you don’t know any, then you probably have spent half your life inside the corner MoMo shop and the other half at Ranjana Cinema Hall. Basically you're living in the dark.

The dirty little secret is sports officials are terrified to bring in competent people into their associations. They know it may expose their own incompetence and could cause cracks in their well guarded fiefdoms. Therefore creating a dysfunctional sports organization suits them perfect, because that is exactly what will drive away the overachievers and protect their lands from invasion.