30 December 2009

Domestic: Elephant football, Training in South Korea, Players dump garbage on NSC

  • No Elephant Polo in Chitwan this year - No Problem! Locals decided to organize an Elephant Football tournament instead. Looks like they also held an Elephant Sprint.

  • Nepali archers and taekwondo left for South Korea to practice for the upcoming South Asian Games. While I used to be very skeptical of these overseas trips, in retrospect it is a good opportunity for the athletes to experience foreign training methods and hopefully pass it on on to the next generation of sportsmen.

  • I'm becoming a big fan of the Nepal National and International Players' Association (NNIPA). In the last two weeks they protested against the improper use of Biratnagar stadium and then they dumped garbage on the NSC offices to object against the poor maintenance of Dasharath Rangasala.