07 June 2009

England playing a test match in Nepal?

I apologize for hitting Nepali cricket so hard these days, but the national Twenty20 tournament is a real travesty. Here is an article in the Himalayan Times that expands on this. As you can see from the photo below, they are playing Twenty20 cricket with all white dress and a red ball, which is against the rules of this format of the game. India is right next door to us (and getting closer everyday) and we can't even cross the border and buy a few proper Twenty20 balls. IPL just finished its one month long tournament and we failed to learn a single thing from the spectacle.

Update: Apparently I AM WRONG (There goes the credibility of my blog!). Here is a message sent to me by one of our readers:
For the sake of your readers, I would like to point out that it is not entirely correct to say that Twenty20 has to be played with coloured clothing and a white ball. Even for International T20 matches, ICC's standard playing conditions state that coloured clothing and use of a white ball (with black sight screen) is only mandatory when atleast one match in the series is played under lights. I assume none of the matches at this event were played under lights.

Wearing ECB gear is another matter.

- Anonymous