07 March 2009

Sports helping tourism

Sorry everyone for the lack of updates. I'm back in Nepal and still getting adjusted, especially to the 20 hours of black-outs.

I just read an interesting article on sports tourism on sportsbusiness.com. Undoubtedly, with Nepal's stunning topography - mountains, hills, lakes, jungles - sports tourism has great potential in Nepal. The recently released NSC Report harped on this point. It seems as though Nepal Tourism Board picked up on the report as they were second tier sponsors of both the Aaha Gold Cup and Budha Subba Cup football tournaments.

Already Nepal is a a prime destination for trekkers and mountaineering, the world elephant polo championships are annually held in Chitwan and sports cyclists are often spotted throughout the back roads of the republic (<--- almost wrote Kingdom). With both ANFA and CAN quite ambitious about hosting international tournaments - sports will really be a boon for the Nepali tourism sector. All this in light of poor infrastructure, blackouts and political uncertainty. If those things get corrected (let's not hold our breathes), imagine the possibilities?