17 February 2009

Rhinos on the attack

My favorite logo of the sports associations in Nepal is that of CAN. Granted from a graphic art point of view the logo needs some work, and having three different logos in less than 5 years goes against the basic principles of Branding 101 - but the Rhino is fantastic for marketing purposes.

The Rhino makes a lot of sense as it is actually an animal that roams the plains of Nepal and is a symbol of the Terai region which is the hotbed of cricket in Nepal. It allows for clever headlines and slogans like, "Rhinos trample Malaysia," and "Colts (referring to the under age teams) win ACC U-17 tournament."

The Rhino also expands marketing possibilities for CAN. They could get a Rhino mascot, give out plastic horns to children attending matches and they could do photo shoots with their players that incorporate Rhino imagery, if not the actual beast itself.