04 August 2009

What's wrong with Nepali sports (Chapter 2)

I just bookmarked four articles in today's papers for potential blog posts. Unfortunately all of them highlight the mess that is Nepali sports:

Judo - the president of the Nepal Judo Association manhandled because of comments he made to the media. Unbelievable!

Asian Martial Arts Games - Nepal continues to falter at the event. Nepal is guaranteed a Bronze in Wushu because there are only three competitors in one of the weight categories. Unbelievable!

- the highly political Sports Minister preaching on not mixing sports and politics at an event organized by a Maoist backed sports association. Unbelievable!

Football - a reactionary football players association formed claiming that All Nepal Football Players Association was formed secretly. This one is actually - Believable!


  1. It is very unfortunate that nothing is going right for Nepali sports at the moment.The government seemed least interested to take up sports development seriously, leaving it in disarray.
    The change of guard in NSC has provided ANFA president Ganesh Thapa a fresh lease of life.Since then he has looked increasingly aggressive and active.The solidarity and unity in the football community he often speaks of is hollow and misleading. We all know he is a master manipulator at keeping his detractors at bay. To this point he has almost assured himself success in the upcoming ANFA election.What is true is that all is not well in ANFA.

  2. I am just dumbfounded that there is not a single sport we can look at and be inspired by. It seems as though Nepali sports is totally void of sound leadership. Out of the dozens of national sports association one would think at least one of them is implementing a sound strategy - but unfortunately that is not the case.