03 August 2009

Can Jesus save Nepali sports?

The recently concluded AIA Tennis Tournament in Kathmandu was organized by a proselytizing group Atheles in Action. Going off of the information on the organization's official website their goal is to spread the word of Jesus Christ by using the popularity of sport as a vehicle.

For those who contend that only prayers can save Nepali sports, are these the prayers Nepali sports desperately needs? Have Bouddha and Pashupatinath failed our athletes? Certainly Jesus has been very kind to Kaka (pictured) these days :)

Update: Check out this video of a Christian Mass Healing function at Dasharath Rangasala. Hopefully Nepali sports will be healed too!


  1. I believe Jesus may save Nepalese sports , specially football. I've seen so many times most of the Nepalese football players pray like praying for Jesus when they score goals....( may be like westerners do) but I never see any of the Nepalese pray like Namaste or something similar to pray for our typical praying style.

  2. So are the players Christian? I know lots of Nepali teams chant "Pashupatinath kee Jai" before matches.

  3. They are not the christian but they celebrate like praying for Jesus like Kaka or others do. Sometime Pashupatinath ki jai, some Banglamukhi mai ki jai, some Bhimsen Maharj ki jai, some Machhindranath ki Jai chants can be hear at the ground.

  4. Sports has to be a platform to promote pluralism and secularism but in such cases as this, as long as there is no coercion or attempts to influence, I say any support to a sporting event from any peaceful group or organization is ok.