02 August 2009

Asian Martial Arts Games

Eighteen Nepali athletes are participating in the 1st Asian Martial Arts Games. Seeing that Nepal historically bags two or three medals at the Asian Games - we should expect similar numbers at this event.

Here is a link to the competition's official website.


  1. just like olympics, as i know, this time also we r in bangkok only for participetion as majority of players r juniors.

  2. If it is juniors, then hopefully they will get the required experience for the South Asian Games.

  3. Traditionally we have been a force to reckon with in martial arts, and seen a string of world class artists emerge.Thanks largely to them we have won a rich haul of medals over the years.If our lacklustre performance in the ongoing 1st Asian Martial Games is any indication there is reason for us to be very concerned.As a matter of fact, expectation was high prior to start of the competition. Hopefully the youngsters overcome their weaknesses and bounce back in future compeitions.