09 June 2009

Nepali lumber being turned into skateboards

One small irritant for me since moving to Asia is turning on ESPN in the mornings and always finding some sort of X-Games related programming on. I'm looking for Premier League scores and all I get is Shaun White.

The X-Games are awesome - for two weeks a year, not every bloody morning!!!!

However, a recent alert that was sent my way may have me warming up to action sports. It so happens that there is a company in Nepal that is making skateboards. Totally rad!

The firm is Arniko Skateboards (nice name choice - also if you did not notice the logo of the brand has the outline of the Nepali flag). Here is a brief article about the venture. They have a cool website too: www.arnikoskateboards.com, though none of the models they use look Nepali.

I hope to contact the proprietor(s) to learn a bit more about the company and get their thoughts on action sports in Nepal. Stay tuned.