01 July 2012

The challenge is in the numbers

Approximately 500 schools will participate in this years ANFA Coca-Cola Cup schools tournament. As the event is a knockout competition, that means 250 out of the 500 participating schools will play 1 game in the tournament. 125 schools will play 2 games, about 64 will play 3 games, 32 will play 4 games and so on and so on. The two teams that reach the finals of the tournament will play about 8 matches in total.

Football development experts believe that youth players should play around 40 competitive matches a year. In Japan they play on average a staggering 120 or so games annually!

The Coca-Cola Cup is a great youth tournament. We just need more youth tournaments like it.

Similarly, ANFA Academy is a formidable Academy. We need more Academies like it.

Birat Shrestha is a terrific Coach. We need more Coaches like him.

Himalayan Sherpa Club is an ambitious Club. We need more Clubs like it.

Bhoj Raj Shahi (Oshonik Club director) is a passionate Volunteer. We need more Volunteers like him.

Manju Khadgi (Three Star Club fan) is a devoted Supporter. We need more Supporters like her.

The challenge for Nepali football development is in the numbers. It is not just what we are doing, but how much of it we are doing.