30 November 2011

Cash rewards

It's wonderful that ANFA is offering Rs. 10,000 per month for life to National Team players if they win the SAFF Cup. It's a great potential bonus for the players and their families, but at the end of the day that is all it is - a bonus.

Anyone who thinks money will drive our players to play harder or better is fooling themselves, because guess what? Our players will give it their best no matter what!!!

An athletes performance  is the output of all the training and coaching (input) they received in their life. If Nepal wins the SAFF Cup it will be because our players received better training and coaching from the beginning of their careers than our opponents. If we fare poorly it will be because the training and coaching wasn't good enough. End of story.

See follow-up article CashRewards 2.0


  1. ramro khelena vane player ko bhabisya chaina vanne n cash reward dine vanda chai paisa diye ni nadiye ni they will give their best vanne? jpt

  2. I have to disagree with you. In our context incentive of any shape and form is of immense significance to athletes. It is a devise to motivate and drive them to put in extra effort.That's all.

  3. Cash reward will also boost other players 2 play best and improve so 2 enter in the national squad !!!

  4. Anonymous. Good point. I agree, in that regard it can help inspire the next generation of Nepali talents.

  5. Disagree....a good initiative is a good initiative regardless of other basics of football (where I understand your point). The lifelong 10,000 will make huge significance in their lives. In fact, I am just thinking if we win....whether they will be keep their promise on or not as some players are 'hopefully' supposed to get it for another 60-70 odd years....! This is a big big statement from ANFA and should be applauded. Had it not announced, this article would not have been there...so let's see the positive and presume that 'extra bit of effort' will be definately there....@LB

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