18 July 2011

Sponsors need to flex their muscles

The list of sponsors in Nepali football is quite impressive. It reads like the who’s who of international brands – Red Bull, Samsung, Pepsi, Western Union, LG, CocaCola, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Mahindra, etc. Add to that all our home brands like Nepal Telecom, Mega Bank, Nepal Bank Limited and Yeti Airlines.

The only thing more remarkable than all the sponsors in Nepali soccer is the lack of development of football in the country despite all those sponsors!

In Nepal, sponsors dump money on ANFA and clubs and – well, that’s basically about it! They pretty much close their eyes to the ails of Nepali football, pat themselves on the back for doing their corporate social responsibility, and put nice little photos in their annual reports about how they are helping to develop sports in Nepal.

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