08 March 2011

Give real youth clubs priority

The Nepal Bank Junior League was a real missed opportunity for Nepali youth football. The tournament basically resulted in a two week controversy filled “natak” that achieved little. Just think about it, the team that won the youth tournament – Three Star Club, does not even have a youth football program.

Instead of inviting these fraudulent youth teams, would it have not made more sense for the organizers to give an opportunity to participate to clubs like Sahara (Pokhara), Madhyapur Youth Association, Shining Sun Football Academy (Dhangadhi), Social Welfare Sports Center (Nayabazar), that have been running youth football training for many years?

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  1. Biplav Ji.....I was so surprised to see this post. To tell u truth, I was thinking the ditto that you wrote. I am not complaning about the fiesco. I am just wondering how come you encourage those fake youth team for our clubs? If you encourage clubs these things...they will also think that THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.
    This is bringing a negative trend of showing instead of doing things. Ya on paper its a junior league (which is great) but what is the significance. If the winner bag cash prize, where it goes? Why u need these top clubs all the time (if they dont want to have youth teams in their rank). Why dont u go to those football academies who are working the ass off without any incentive. This Junior League can be a huge incentive for these football schools (academy). You have at least school football for schools but where these football school play competative football?
    Please do a massive campaign on this. As you know I can not do anything on this from this Western Hills of Nepal @ Lemon Break

  2. Thanks for your thoughts Lemon Break. Unfortunately, I'm the last person ANFA would ever listen to, but I do think some clubs that are conducting regular youth training will raise their voices in the near future.