17 December 2010

On second thought...

I wrote a very nasty post titled "Our own worst enemy" blasting Nepali athletes and officials for their overly negative mindset. Realizing the hypocrisy in publishing such an article, I've since deleted it. Not only should our sportsmen have a positive approach, so should fans and bloggers.


  1. Hey Biplav bro,,, what is your accessment of British Gurkha Cup? I find it overall a good start for football season of tournaments. It gives club some revenue and also us some joy in this drought of football. I'm little bit disappointed about our ground conditions in Dasrath Stadium. I feel the final is hampered by bad ground condition. We are not able to watch smooth passing games due to uneven ground.

    I also feel clubs are not doing enough for promoting fan culture or attracting fans. We are not seeing any club merchandise for fans.

  2. I only watched the finals of the BGC. The ground was terrible. You are correct, clubs need to do a much better job energizing fans.

  3. World Cup India Only 10 players in the history of the tournament have scored 150 or more during the nine editions of the event to date.

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