27 October 2010

ANFA needs to develop coaches

"How to develop Nepali football?" That is easily the most common question I get asked when I meet football fans in Nepal. The answer is actually a simple one: develop coaches!

"That’s it?"

Well no, that’s not "it", but that is the basic starting point for developing a strong football program. Great facilities, foreign training, Adidas Predator boots, high salary, 1 kilo of Khashi ko Masu a day, Pulsar motorbikes don’t create great players, qualified coaches do.

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  1. Your perspective on the importance of having coaches in adequate number is something ANFA is fully aware of for years and years.

    However, the sad part is that they have intentionally ignored it for the simple reason, they do not want to embrace the cardinal rules of development.

    They have assumed office with the sole purpose to further their personal interests, and football development has never been their top priority.

    That is why Nepali football today is at a chaotic state.

    Not that the association is bogged down by lack of revenue to implement their programs.
    Had they wanted they could have initiated the process a long time back.

    Sixteen long years of Thapa led ANFA has yielded nothing substantial rather pushed Nepali football to the edge of the cliff.

    Nonetheless,your piece reminds readers, how incompetent and irresponsible is ANFA.

  2. Your points are very valid. ANFA certainly has a phobia of anyone getting "oversmart".