13 August 2010

ICC World Cricket League Division 4

Nepal continues on its quest to qualify for the 2015 ICC World Cup. The World Cricket League Division 4 takes place in Bologna, Italy from August 14-20.

Nepal plays:
  • USA (August 14, rescheduled to the 19th)
  • Italy (August 15)
  • Tanzania (August 17)
  • Argentina (August 18)
  • Cayman Islands (August 20)
You can follow the action on the ICC Official Website and the Italian Cricket Federation site. Live commentary is available on Cricinfo. There are also several active Nepali cricket blogs:


  1. http://home.iprimus.com.au/shane_booth/cricket/women.html

  2. World Cup News India will host one quarter final in Ahmedabad, one semi final in Mohali and Final of World Cup 2011 in Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai.

  3. the concept of auctioning the players like "gladiators".It reminds of the Roman Empire where men were sold to the bodders on the basis of their physical strenght.