10 July 2010

Dharan or Itahari?

There is a big war going on between Dharan and Itahari to land a regional stadium funded by the Government. Previously, I wrote about how I welcomed the politics that is going on between the various cities looking to land the stadium, but now that rivalry seems to be getting a bit out of hand.

As someone quite familiar with Eastern Nepal, I personally believe that Itahari would be the better location for a stadium. For a "regional" stadium Itahari is ideally placed as it is right on the East-West Highway and 30 minutes drive from Biratnagar Airport. The town is equidistant to Dharan and Biratnagar and Saptari and Jhapa districts are easily accessible. Itahari is also located in the plains, so unlike in Dharan, finding a large flat plot of land is not an issue. Dharan already hosts the ANFA Eastern Technical Centre (first photo below) and has an open ground (second photo below) where the Budha Subba Cup is held, so Itahari is much more needy when it comes to sporting infrastructure. Either way, let's hope a stadium gets built sooner than later.

What are your thoughts? Which city do feel should get the stadium? (Goalnepal.com is reporting that the stadium will go to Itahari)


  1. ya..its a good 1..n good decision ....2 ...national staduim should be built on itahari...as now it is very clear why ....thks 2 MR.biplav....so hope ....staduim will be built very soon ...
    N as for DHARAN.....we know...tht..many young talents hav emerged ...in past....so ANFA should think improving....upgrading....the ANFA Eastern Technical Center..

  2. YA it should b built in Itahari. But I don't think it gonna b work. If itahari wants to organize the some event or sports day..they should only host or organize on Winter. I know the situation of ithari on Summer. Hope guys will take this comment positively. Itahari situated in center of Eastern region so geographically its good to be built but.. Weather...we should think once again to built here.

    1. Weather is not much more different than Dharan as it is only 18/20 KM . I dont think it is an big issue .

  3. That is a good point. The weather in Itahari is very hot in the summer months, but the other positives outweigh this in my opinion. Regardless, I am hearing this whole stadium plan is hitting road-blocks and is far away from getting built.

  4. stadium must be build in Itahari because of easy transportation from all parts of the country, easy to locate, center of eastern Nepal, emerging city, business hub, junction for all cities, tourism and many more...........

  5. chatt rakhyo bhane k ko ghaam?

  6. We are antagonistic here to knock for stadium , not for combat.Make sound but in peace way..! Itahari is best factor for us to build stadium …comparing amenities in every stipulation. As for weather it’s not a big factor, sports are aware of all these, “If there is will there is way”.

  7. Thank you for your insights Nikesh. I agree Itahari is the best option, but unfortunately I believe the project is pretty much dead.