10 April 2010

Nepali cricket - still a long way to go

Once again Nepali cricket failed to produce when it mattered most. Sure an optimist can always find silver linings - be it the fact we reached the finals of the ACC Cup, won the WCL Division 5, or the brilliant performances of Nischal Pandey in the the ACC Under 16 Elite Cup - but in plain terms we are nowhere near where we should be given our geography and the massive popularity of cricket in the country.

For the countries we compete against in the lower rungs of international cricket, the sport is merely a recreational opportunity for immigrants and expats. A majority of their population do not even know that the sport exists and you would be hard pressed to find any significant local media coverage for it.

We should not be competitive with the likes of USA, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong - we should be destroying them. Yes, some of these teams are packed with non-nationals, but if we want to play against Afridi and Dhoni we need to easily be able to depose their little brothers.  With the resources Nepali cricket has access to (and I'm not simply talking about money), we should at least be an ODI nation and in the same company with Ireland, Canada, Netherlands, Scotland, Kenya and Afghanistan.

What is ailing Nepali cricket then? (And virtually every other sport in the country for that matter). PROFESSIONALISM! More on that in my next blog post in a weeks time. Until then Happy New Year to all of you.


  1. ya' u r right, still long way to go. we couldn't cross at once the line what afghanistan made. we have to accept that they are playing cricket like professionals these days.
    If u search, u could find, in recent past they chased huge score of 494 runs in 2nd inning after being bowled out for 264 in 1st inning.
    For Nepal, It is not bad result at all, it's only our a high expectation whenever they go out. finishing 2nd is also good sign for Nepal above top ranked teams by ICC. This ACC Trophy has shown we are far better than teams like Oman, Hongkong. It shows we will easily get promotion when we will face them in the next WCL tournaments.

  2. Nepal sport is always like that " when there's chicken cooking they have teeth pain"

    Why Nepal always lost in Final and many time with Afghanistan....

  3. I also feel there is not so much difference between Nepal and Afghanistan Cricket team yet we've lost with them all the matches except one and even that time Afghans were new entrant in cricket world. However, for a team like Nepal I feel we just need to prove once (just like Afghans ) and the confidence we could get from that win..I feel will definitely boost the performance and we may see the different cricket team...So, let's not lose hope..Nevertheless lets support our team..So lets keep moving with them...till they prove "They can beat any teams" when they believe in their skills and learn to enjoy game that take it as a pressure...

  4. Manoj jee, the reason we can't get over the hump is because of a lack of professionalism.

  5. profesionalism pani ho.............overall Nepali players (in all sports) lacks KILLER instint...u know those final touch........

  6. hoina 10 barsa bata eutai player haru khelaye pachi tyai ho

  7. Any way they are doing good in cricket ..