19 February 2009

A look back at the Aaha Gold Cup

The Aaha Gold Cup, organized by Sahara Club Pokhara, definitely seems to have gone from strength to strength. This year saw the usual packed stands, but the tournament matured in other departments.

The media coverage was fantastic, including a special section in the highly popular international football news website Goal.com. There was a specially dedicated Aaha Gold Cup website which is one of the best Nepali sports websites I have come across so far. The photo gallery on the website is first class.The prize packages also seem to have gone-up a notch, including the player of the tournament winning a motorbike. The only major thing lacking with the tournament was an entertaining final match as Police slammed Army 5 - 0.

1 comment:

  1. Agreed. Ahah Gold Cup and Pokhara Organizers always set the benchmark. The main reason behind this is their teamwork and also a favorable condition, like British Army Factor, Pokhara being one of wealthy city of Nepal due to tourism as well as British Army connection, football loving people, stadium facilities and access.
    They are very transparent on accounts unlike those of jhapa and Dharan. They have good international link and many well-wishers.

    Kudos to them, they are one of the good examples that if you decide and if you are firm on you target, you don’t have to be Kathmandu-centric in Nepal, you can do it anywhere. I think other seasoned organizer learn it from Pokhara and follow the footsteps.